Men's ascot scarf orange blue foulard
orange and blue ascot
Magnetic snap fastening
orange and blue ascot
orange and blue ascot
orange and blue ascot
orange and blue ascot
Ascot wrapped in tissue and in box ready to mail
Work in progress

Men's Ascot In Orange With Blue Print.

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Our men's one of a kind ascot is a beautiful burnt orange and blue combination, which is the perfect amount of fabulous for any gentleman's wardrobe. Made from a beautiful recycled silk tie, this takes the conventional ascot and takes it up so many notches. We're talking bold, fun and fearless style that can be dressed up so many ways whether it's with a suit or jeans and a t-shirt.

One of a kind men's ascot tie

  • Made from a men's silk tie
  • Fit's up to 17" neck
  • Meticulously pleated and hand stitched
  • Front magnetic snap closure
  • Dry clean


I love working on custom orders. If you have a treasured tie you'd love for me to turn into a bold ascot scarf, simply click here.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. ~ Christine.