From Women's Accessory to Unisex Staple: The Evolution of Ascots

In the world of fashion, change is inevitable. Trends come and go, and styles transform to meet the ever-changing demands of every day life. As the founder of  Ogsplosh, I've always been passionate about creating unique accessories that allow individuals to express their personal style. One such creation that has caught the attention of both women and men alike is the ascot.

When I started Ogsplosh, ascots were primarily a statement piece for women. Crafted from upcycled neckties, these ascots added a touch of flair to any outfit. Finally a way for women to wear a necktie without forgoing their femininity.

However, as I interact with my customers, I noticed an interesting trend emerging. More and more men were showing interest in the ascots. So, after listening to feedback from male customers, I realized that ascots resonated with them for similar reasons as they did with women. They appreciated the versatility of the accessory, allowing them to elevate their look with a touch of refinement.

So, I'm excited to announce that Ogsplosh will be expanding its men's collection in the coming weeks. This decision reflects our commitment to inclusivity and our dedication to providing quality accessories that cater to all genders.

Together, let's make a statement, one ascot at a time!

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